Green plantains in Latino/Caribbean market in Hudson County, NJ.  The image was runner-up for Leica Medal of Excellence from EAT! EAT!     pita machineEAT! EAT pita emergin from ovencross cultural shoppingEthnic grocery in Jersey CityColumbian restaurant in Hudson County, NJPreparing chicken at EL Pollo Loco  Hudson Countyr NJChinese - Korean couple at dinnerenjoying a samosa in Hudson County NJFatima al Abassi Ali Baba resataurant in Hobokenpreparing Filipino food in Hudson County NJGerman sausages in production at Kochers pork butchers Green planyains in foreground at Caribbean market New Jersey TurnpikeHobokenin NewarkRabbi instructs Teaneck residentHoboken churchwild turkeysPortugal Day in NewarkPortuguese dancers entertain on Portugal Day in Newark