I first saw Sanya nd genya Vindman and their grandmother, Mrs. Kalmanovitch, under the El on Brighton Beach Avenue in Brooklyn's "Little Odessa". It was more than 30 years ago. The Vindman family had emigrated to the US from Kiev in the Ukraine in December of 1979. Semyon Vindman wanted a free and better life for his 3 sons - the twins, then 4, and 11 year old Leonid. Their mother had recently died, in Kiev and when they came to America, their maternal grandmother came along to help with the boys.

The situation of their lives resonated because my mother also was brought here by family - a very small girl who had lost her mother in the old country. The Vindman twins 1980Sanya and Genya with Mrs Kalmanovitch, their grandmotherThe Vindman menONE MEZUZAHa Torah lessonThe twins are thirteenon the Boardwalk in Brighton BeachHigh school students now,  charming as ever.Eugene marries Cindy Groffreminiscing NostalgiaAlex and Rachel get married under a tallit in a Jewish ceremonyRachel Cartmill Vindman and Captain Alex Vindmanthe brothers together at Alex's weddingAlex and Eugene at Alex's weddiing.Len and Maria at their wedding in MoscowAlex and Eugene in Moscow for Len and Maria's weddingAlex and Eugene visiting in Leonia